Setup and Optimization of BIOS and Windows for Mining

Our support team receives many questions about mining on a daily basis. Majority of them is about setting up your equipment. We are constantly learning how to improve overall stability and optimize settings, therefore we came up with the following recommendations based on our own experience in mining. We hope that you will find them useful and it will help you to get the best of your mining experience.

Setting up motherboard BIOS and operating systems to maximize stability and hashrate of your rigs should be your main task which should be accomplished before you start setting up the miner of your choice and starting to mine cryptocurrencies.

For your benefit we put down some advice and recommendations concerning the setups. We want to remind you that the name of the paragraph, sections, as well as location of the adjustable elements may differ depending on your manufacturer, equipment version and software.

BIOS Setup

  • Update BIOS to the latest version, this could be done with the help of user instructions and programs from the official site of your motherboard manufacturer.
  • Paragraph Restore on Power Loss — «Power On» — the rig will wake up automatically when power is back, power supply will be restored after power loss.
  • Paragraph CPU Fan Control — «Auto» — automatic setting where your system fans speed will automatically adjust based on its use and temperature. Reduces noise level and prolongs term of service.
  • Paragraph Audio Controller — «Disabled» — disabling audio firmware controller, it’s of no use to mining but is wasting precious resources.
  • Paragrah PCIe Speed — «Gen2» — in some cases helps to stabilize and increase hashrate, as it switches port PCI Express to PCI Express 2.0 mode and increases its capacity from 250 Mb\s to 500 Mb\s
  • Paragraph PCIEX16_1 Link Speed — «Gen3» — helps to increase PCIe16 ports capacity to 1 Gb\s
  • If you don’t use your built-in graphic card for image display during Windows installation, than it makes sense to turn it off.

Windows Installation and setup

  • For operating systems installation should your disk storage space should be at least 60–120 GB HDD or SSD, we recommend SSD for higher download speed and work acceleration as a whole, disks with smaller storage capacity are not advised for Windows Installation, you will experience lack of free disk space if you proceed further. Also you should not partition your hard, use it fully for C drive.
  • No need to connect Ethernet cable during Windows installation, you can download all the updates you need later.
  • For the time of Windows Installation and Setup use only one graphic card connected to PCIEx16 — it can help avoiding problems with your devices operational systems recognition.
  • Download only those drivers which are essential, normally that would be: Chipset, network interface driver(LAN) and graphic card driver without additional programs.
  • Increase virtual memory to minimum of 16 GB, way to do it is:

1.Right click on My Computer, and choose Properties

2. Then click Advanced System Settings

3. in the tab Advanced, in chapter Performance click on Settings

4. go to the tab Advanced

5. below you will see Virtual memory, click Change

6. Uncheck «Automatically manage paging file size for all drives»

7. Check «Custom size»

8. in field «Initial size (MB)» write 16000

9. In field «Maximum size (MB)» write 16000

10. Click Set, then Ok and Apply

11. Do not forget to reboot system

As we mentioned earlier Whalesburg Support Team is committed to improving your mining experience and bringing you the best possible solution. We would appreciate your feedback. If you are interested in any particular topic please let us know. We are aiming to deliver the best product and your contribution is very important for us.

Best regards, Whalesburg Team

DISCLAIMER: “We shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from your actions, as the outcome may vary on different equipment.”

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Reborn from the ashes. Proven trustworthy team, new spirit, new servers, fair fees.

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Reborn from the ashes. Proven trustworthy team, new spirit, new servers, fair fees.

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