Second version of MVP is live. Here is MVP 2.0!

We would like to share an emotional moment with you. After countless days and nights building the mining pool that would meet all the functional and security requirements, we are pleased to announce that the second version of our MVP is live and ready to provide payouts in ETH!

Try it out here:

If you mine Ethash coins or Ethereum — you can switch your powers to our MVP now and continue receiving income. Please, give us your feedback . Everything is appreciated! Tell us how you feel about mining with Whalesburg and what percentage of additional ETH you get.

Five parts of MVP 2.0

Our team was focused on the following directions:
1) Mining pools development;
2) Smart Stratum Proxy;
3) Payout operations;
4) Web interface;
5) Advanced Security for the whole system.

Whalesburg CTO Vladimir has invested a lot into making the system’s architecture scalable, stable and easy to add new features, coins and services. Microservices and evolutionary architecture approaches give us flexibility and stability because if one service goes down, the system will continue to work. The support engineers are monitoring the system and if anything goes wrong, they will fix it as soon as possible.

Mining pools

A section which elaborates three “smaller” mining pools for each of the coins mentioned above built on an open-ethereum-pool improved by our developers. They are separate modules which communicate with others via our internal API. This allows us to add new coins without stopping Whalesburg or restarting servers.

Smart Stratum Proxy

Smart Stratum Proxy (SSP) — the part that communicates to the miner. Also, it indicates in 10 minute intervals which coin gives the most profit at the moment and connects users to the appropriate mining pool. This service is designed to handle enormous amount of connections, and we can run as many SSP instances as we want by load balancing between more servers. Thanks to Ivan’s persistent work, it will be stable and can hold all your connections.

Miner connects to SSP as to a usual Stratum mining pool running his EthMiner (or Claymore) with Stratum address and his wallet address.

For example:
./ethminer — farm-recheck 200 -U -S -SP 1 -O YOUR_ETH_WALLET_ADDRESS

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Just connect to a single pool and we will take care of the rest. No need to install any additional software.

More detailed instructions can be found on the pool’s page: ( )

Payouts manager

Payouts manager stores account balances, manages every transaction in the system, operates with all coins inside the Whalesburg pool, exchanges all coins to ETH, and manages payouts. The service is designed to be as transparent as possible. Each transaction consists of exchange rates, Cryptopia fees, and spent gas. You can see each transaction from deposit to Cryptopia to ETH payout to your wallet on the Check Your Stats page. This couldn’t be done without huge efforts from our full-stack engineer, Rostislav!

You can learn more in our whitepaper. Payouts and switching algorithms are described there as well. Check it out!


Front-end was built on top of React, Redux and RxJS, with our website’s guidelines and will gather user experience statistics to shape the Whalesburg interface later. You will start on the homepage which will lead you either to a page with instructions on how to start or to a page which will display your stats, exchanges, payouts transactions, and your efficiency. Whalesburg Front-end developer is very proud of the work Roman has done.

Advanced Security for the whole system

Our DevOps engineer has completely rebuilt the infrastructure from scratch. Each payout coin node is fully secured, so even if a hacker obtains a root access to the server, he will not be able to steal any coin from the pool wallets. Moreover, we perform payouts to miners as soon as the miner’s balance reaches the payout threshold, so we are not going to keep large amounts of coin in our wallets. A big thank you goes to Igor Netkachev for the work he has done.

What’s next

Note that we’re only warming up. In the near future we are going to improve each of these modules and announce changelog. So connect to the Whalesburg mining pool now and share with us your mining experience!

Whalesburg team
Join telegram chat:
Test our MVP:
Stay tuned!




Reborn from the ashes. Proven trustworthy team, new spirit, new servers, fair fees.

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Reborn from the ashes. Proven trustworthy team, new spirit, new servers, fair fees.

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