Meet Whalesburg Release 0.5.0

Dear Whalesburg Community,

Hope you had a great time enjoying New Interface released the week earlier due to high demand from our miners.

Now it is time to present you with Whalesburg version 0.5.0.

To make new release even more exciting we include a PROMO CODE: WHALESBURG0.5.0 to enjoy 33% OFF your pool commission (in case you are not registered in our referral program yet). Activate it now!

In response to our mining community’s requests for more coins to be added to our minable coins list, we have been researching potential candidates. We are aiming to bring the best to our miners and we realize that adding new coins is essential.

Today we are excited to announce the news everyone has been waiting for: new coins!

The first two coins we’ve decided to add are Dubai and Music.

Why these Two?

Both Dubai and Music are ideal choices mainly because they have sufficient trading volumes and high-volatility. This makes them the perfect fit for profit switching: we are confident there will be significant time-periods when mining these coins is more profitable than mining ETH.

And this is why we keep sticking with the profit-switching concept! It not only ensures stable high profitability at times of medium to low volatility, but also allows you to grab super profits when coins rapidly pump. Those who are switching between coins manually might easily miss this opportunity because sometimes it is a matter of minutes. With Whalesburg you don’t have to worry about missing out of high profits due to pumps: profit-switching identifies and anticipates pumps before you and does the work for you!

Stay tuned because we are analyzing the market to select even more well performing and profitable coins for the pool.

Also please take a moment to answer a few coin related questions in our questionnaire posted in our Telegram channel.

Whalesburg Miner Coming Soon

We are in the process of developing on our own miner to allow us to switch between different algorithms such as CryptoNight (Upcoming) and Ethash.

Front End Improvements

Based on feedback from miners gathered in the past month, we have taken the step of significantly improving the miners’ statistics page.

The improvements are summarized as follows:

  • We have segregated the wallet payments and rewards earned per block so you can easily differentiate between them.
  • We now provide detailed statistics on how much your miner received for each block. We also added an option to convert these statistics to a CSV file which can be downloaded for further analysis.
  • The income graph is now based on your specific time zone rather than a generic UTC like it was before. This means you will no longer have to deal with the confusion of blocks being mined on one day and payments made on the next day.
  • We added a miner performance history graph. This enables you to see how your miner has performed against its own average.

In addition to improvements to the miners’ statistics page, we have added instructions for a new miner: Finminer. This means there are now a total of five different miners to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Back End Improvements

We are constantly working to improve the backend efficiency, reliability, and security. In this release, the improvements are summarized as follows:

  • New services which aggregate statistics from all endpoints of the pool have been added. The resulting reduction in frontend server requests translates into a significant improvement in overall pool performance.
  • The profit switching module has been fully rewritten. The result is faster and more reliable coin switches.
  • Transaction groupings have been changed from exchange rounds to blocks.
  • Multiple changes related to security and optimization of the pool’s performance have been implemented.
  • Pool monitoring has been improved and some modules have been rewritten.
  • CPU consumption has been reduced, improving server performance.

As usual, a big thank you to all our supporters for your helpful feedback and enthusiastic participation!

Start mining now!

Stay tuned for the next update!

Join #whalesburg:








Reborn from the ashes. Proven trustworthy team, new spirit, new servers, fair fees.

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Reborn from the ashes. Proven trustworthy team, new spirit, new servers, fair fees.

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